Mary’s Mirror Wall Panel

MARY’S MIRROR WALL PANEL | $3,199   $2,599

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…who is the scariest of them all?

What appears as a dirty and neglected mirror on this 4’x8’ wall panel suddenly shatters as Mary screeches to life at loud volume via 1000 watt powered speaker. A hidden blast of air takes this effect over the top and your customers won’t know what hit ‘em! As quickly as she appears, she’s once again gone into darkness and ready to scare again. This item comes standard activated by an actor push button but can be built with optional motion sensor. Includes stencil for painting adjacent walls to match. All of our turnkey wall panel effects measure 4’ wide by 8’ tall and are built on steel frames with 2 casters on the back of the panel at the bottom for easy transport during set up or strike.

Requires 110v AC power and compressed air.

Due to the handmade nature of each of our products, there may be some minor differences between the final item and the images shown here.

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