Lunatic Lattice Wall Panel


Things are not always what they seem…  

The actor gets the ultimate scare as they burst through a window hidden among elastic straps woven into the center of this 4’x8’ lattice wall panel. But that’s not all. The actor’s presence is heightened by a burst of bright light and sudden loud noise from a 1000 watt powered speaker, triggered by a foot pedal. This 2 for 1 scare packs a real punch! All of our turnkey wall panel effects measure 4’ wide by 8’ tall and are built on steel frames with 2 casters on the back of the panel at the bottom for easy transport during setup or strike.

We also offer the DIY Lattice Effect Kit, a great money-saving option if you just want the illusion of the stretching lattice.  Check it out HERE.

Requires 110v AC power.

Due to the handmade nature of each of our products, there may be some minor differences between the final item and the images shown here.

If you would like to inquire about ordering any FX wall panels, please email