How-To DVD

Haunt Effects 101 DVD | $25 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states

HAUNT EFFECTS 101 is the first how-to DVD from Effects To Go!  This DVD is packed with 2 hours of informative tutorials & tips on some of the most common and most useful projects in the technical area of haunting.  Grab a pen & paper and get ready to follow along as Jake teaches you:

  • The Basics of 12 volt LED Lighting.  You’ll learn about wiring, connections, power supplies, and several of the commonly available LED lights that are ideal for haunting.  Jake explores lighting gear for every budget.
  • Lighting Design Tips.  Learn how to add realism to your sets with effective lighting techniques! You’ll also see how to pump up areas of your haunt that are lackluster without dumping more time and money (2 things that tend to run out) into building scenery.  This chapter shows several real world examples from Dark Hour Haunted House.
  • How to Make LED Candles.  Using PVC pipe as a base, learn how to create fast & easy candles on the cheap.  Have you ever tried to illuminate a whole scene or room with only candlelight?  Jake will show you the secret to doing it effectively.
  • How to Make Blood.  Blood is a staple of horror, and every good haunt has some somewhere.  Learn how to make 2 simple and affordable blood recipes that Jake has used for years;  1) an edible concoction for use on actors and 2) a mixture used to decorate sets & props and still look fresh as it ages.  You’ll also get tips for applying blood to scenery.
  • How to Build an “Ankle Blaster” Air Cannon.  Jake walks you through the process of building a basic air cannon that will get undeniable startles out of your customers!