EAE Doorway Wall Panel

EAE DOORWAY WALL PANEL | $2,099    $1,999

Introducing the EAE Doorway Wall Panel…

What is EAE?  EAE means Electronic Actor Enhancement.  A good actor can do a great job of jumping out at customers, staying in character, and keeping the screams coming all night long.  But even the best actor can’t growl as loud as a 1000W speaker!  This effect couples the actor with a bright flash of light and monstrously loud growl (or scream, or any sound effect that’s best suited to your theme) as they emerge from a 2’x6’ doorway built into the wall panel.  Like all our wall panels, this unit measures 4’ wide by 8’ tall, making it perfectly adaptable to any new or existing 4×8 panel-based attraction.  If there is a specific color of light or sound effect that you’d like, please let us know! In most cases, this can be done at no extra charge.  This wall panel comes standard painted black.

We also offer the EAE Gear Kit separately, without the wall panel, should you want to implement it in an existing location in your show!  Check it out HERE.

EAE can make a mediocre actor a guaranteed scare every time and it can save any actor’s voice from strain and fatigue!

Requires 110v AC power.

Due to the handmade nature of each of our products, there may be some minor differences between the final item and the images shown here.

If you would like to order any FX wall panels, please inquire by emailing info@effectstogo.com