Haunt Consulting

Operating a successful & memorable haunt relies on knowing how customers will experience your event, from start to finish.  Should you use more actors or more animatronics?  What’s your maximum throughput on a busy night?  Do you have enough parking?  Why do your customers keep going out an emergency exit instead of following the clear path?  Why aren’t your actors getting good scares?  I can help you examine your operation from the inside out to help guests perceive your show in the best possible way, while keeping things efficient and maximizing income potential.  Knowing what does & doesn’t work in a haunt can be an expensive lesson in trial and error.  Hiring someone with experience for an on-site consultation & evaluation can save you time and money.

I’ve been heavily involved in the haunted attraction business since 1999 when I first acted in a professional haunt.  I’ve gone on to participate in more aspects of the haunt and theme park business including scenic work, management, show writing & directing, and all technical aspects.  I’ve honed these skills at various attractions and theme parks over the years, and have 3 pyrotechnic licenses in the State of Texas.  I’ve been called upon by Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions Show to present seminars on various technical aspects of haunting for over 5 years in a row.

Since 2013 I’ve led the Technical Department and been a primary Creative Designer & Manager at Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, Texas on a full-time basis.  Dark Hour is one of the most production-heavy haunted attractions in the country, featuring themed events throughout the year which all rely on various theatrical facets such as:  an over-the-top lighting & audio package, full scenic & prop production shop, wardrobe & costume shop, extensive makeup & sculpting area, and dozens of live actors.

Email me directly at info@effectstogo.com and let’s discuss your attraction needs!